alpha3 capital

In simple terms, you buy on Binance Smart Chain, we farm and invest on multiple chains and return the profits to $ATC holders



What is Alpha3 Capital?

Alpha3 provides DeFi users with a simple and secure way to benefit from Yield Farming across multiple blockchains. Alpha3 does the heavy lifting in terms of security auditing, bridging, farming and investing – and returns the yield available on both L1 and L2 chains to users on BSC. By holding ATH, the user earns both reflections from buys/sells and a future share of profits from the Alpha3 investment portfolio.

Farming as a Service

Consistent High Yield Returns Come from DeFi Farming on both layer 1 and 2 chains including, but not limited to Cronos, Polygon, Fantom and of course Binance Smart Chain.

Investing as a Service

Our custom scripts are constantly searching the market for high potential investment opportunities across chains. Project owners can also apply for for a potential investment.

Buybacks & burns

The treasury will spend a % of funds to buy back $ATH at market price and burn the tokens, removing the tokens from circulation. This compounds with reflections over time.


The $ATC token

Our tokenomics have been designed to provide both stability and reward holders while sustaining the ecosystem development and growth.


A 16% transaction tax grants at the same time a constant increase of holdings for our investors, liquidity, marketing funds as well as funds for the ⍺Treasury, which invests the funds and sends the profits back to $ATC holders.

Tax on BUYS
Tax on SELLS


This is our plan, month for month. We move fast.


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